Patient Satisfaction is our prime moto. The mouth is the window into the human health. We strive at providing the oral health to our patients and members of our community.  Hi,I am Dr.Kashif Ahmed Shamsi serving to the people of Kolkata. I am a dental professional who is trained in the field of dentistry and at our clinic we provide oral health for all the tissues in the mouth and not just the dental care of teeth and supporting structures. In these busy times and healthy competition, we aim at nothing less then excellence.

My Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

We aim at creating positive change to your teeth and to your smile.

A skilled experience at improving your appearance ,your smile,and most importantly your confidence.


Correction of unsightly / crooked / poorly aligned teeth.

Conservative dentistry

Direct and indirect restoration of teeth.

Root canal treatment.

Restoration of fractured and cracked teeth.

Treatment Offered

    • Minor oral and corrective surgeries
    • Periodontal treatments
    • Pediatric care
    • Cosmetic dentistry
    • Conservative dentistry
    • Root canal treatment
    • Orthodontic treatments

Contact Me

Mob No: +91 8583870304

Address: S.M Clinic
131,Chittaranjan Avenue beside Sneha Medical Kolkata 700073